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6 home remedies: How to prevent Dengue and Chikungunya

Dengue and Chikungunya are both gripping India in worse ways than we can imagine. Here are some home remedies to prevent their massive outbreak. Boil tulsi leaves in a cup of water and drink daily. It is a natural immunity booster. Burn camphor with a few drops of neem oil. Leave the room closed for Read more about 6 home remedies: How to prevent Dengue and Chikungunya[…]

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Chikungunya: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Chikungunya can circulate with the help of monkeys, birds and cattle, but dengue spreads only through mosquitoes Chikungunya was first reported in 1952, during an outbreak in southern Tanzania. It has now been identified in 60 countries including those in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and others. Listed in the World Health Organization’s R&D Blueprint (2016), Read more about Chikungunya: symptoms, treatment and prevention[…]

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Dengue and severe dengue

Key facts Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection. The infection causes flu-like illness, and occasionally develops into a potentially lethal complication called severe dengue. The global incidence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades. About half of the world’s population is now at risk. Dengue is found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide, mostly Read more about Dengue and severe dengue[…]

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Fighting Mosquitoes

Mosquito are one of the notorious creature around human kind. They reproduces in Water Logging areas. Mosquitoes just doesn’t make a nuisance but also are capable of Life Threatening diseases. Mosquitoes have changed a lot with the time & they are changing continuously. Urbanization is one of the key factor as mosquitoes were not meant Read more about Fighting Mosquitoes[…]