February 9, 2017

Pest Control Services

Our Various Pest Control Services

Cockroaches Control Service

Pest Control in South DelhiCockroaches are one of the oldest species on earth having presence for more than 400 million years. Cockroach are learned to be living with human being since 40000 years. There are approx 4000 species are known, out of which German Cockroach , American , Oriental & Brown banded are more common.

Cockroaches are capable of carrying many common disease pathogens as well as allergic reactions in Human being. Majorly responsible for causing Food poisoning, Diarrhoea, Dysentery & Hepatitis B.

In India German & American Cockroaches are commonly found in household.

German cockroaches are commonly found in Kitchen , Bathroom , Refrigerator , Microwave wardrobes & wooden structure etc & American cockroaches are commonly found in drain & sewer lines etc

Cockroach Control Method

  • German Cockroaches are treated with an application of Good quality Gel in Kitchen & other wardrobes & spraying the chemical emulsion across the corners of the house.
  • American Cockroaches are treated with the spray of chemical emulsion in & around the main holes , drains etc
  • Post treatment it’s advised to keep house free from hidden garbage , food articles & cellulose containing waste items.

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control in South Delhi

  • Mosquitoes are found to be present on earth around 9-10 crores years ago. Only female mosquitoes bites to lay down the eggs which have an age of around 42-56 days. Mosquitoes has 4 life cycles viz Egg , Larva , Pupa & Adult. Larvae is the ideal stage of mosquito control & Adult is a must.
  • Mosquitoes are capable of transmitting deadly diseases like Malaria , Dengue , Chikangunia , Filariaris & Yellow fever etc

Mosquito Control Method

  • Anti Larvae is done to control the Larvae stage at water logging & mosquito breeding sites. Activity to be repeated every 15 days or earlier.
  • Indoor residual spray at the walls of rooms , bathroom & outside etc
  • Outdoor Thermal fogging in gardens , lawn , common areas , societies , colonies etc

Termite Treatment

  • One of the oldest Insect on Earth
  • Feeds Cellulose that’s present in timber based products
  • Majority of damages caused by Subterranean Termites ( Soil Nesting termites)
  • Queen Termite can live for more than 30 years and is capable of laying more than 30000 eggs per day
  • Unlike other Pests , termites don’t causes disease but are responsible for major Economic Loses

Termite Protection Method

To create a continuous chemical barrier, in and around the structure there are two primary methods for Termite Treatment are described below

  • Pre Construction Anti Termite treatment
  • Post Construction Anti Termite treatment

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

  • This treatment is carried out at the time of construction at foundation level
  • Indian Standard Code IS 6313 part II is followed for Pre Construction treatment
  • Treating Masonry foundation & vertical back filled soil
  • Treatment of Top Surface of Plinth Filling & Junction of Wall & Floor
  • Treating of Soil along external Perimeter of Building
  • Treatment of Soil Surrounding Pipes , Wastes & Conduits
  • Post Construction Anti Termite treatment
  • Drilling holes & injecting Termiticide solution into drilled holes
  • All drilled holes shall be sealed with white cement

Rodent Management

  • Rodents damages from ready crop to storage stages , Consumable food to garbage food also
  • Rodents causes 20 times more damages to food by means of their hairs , droppings & urine etc
  • No Entry is the best way to get rid off Rodents but there is Never “ No Entry” for Rodents !!!
  • Majorly 4 types of Rodents are found weighing 12 gms to 60 Kg (In South America)
  • Rodent’s Teeth never stop growing so they wear them down to avoid death

Diseases Caused by Rodents

  • Plague
  • Rat Bite fever
  • Tyhphoid & Dysentry
  • Hantavirus
  • Murine Typhus
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis

Protection Method

  • Placement of Rodent Glue Trap/Bait Station
  • Spreading Baits around the habitation of Rodents
  • Placement of wired cages
  • Each service to be performed under professional supervision with utmost care & specifications

Bedbug Management

  • Bedbug is known to be associated with human beings more than 3300 years ago
  • They are highly resistant to couple of popular pesticides
  • A female lays 1 – 12 eggs per day
  • Bedbug can live 80 – 140 days without feed sometime upto 1 year
  • Though there are no evidence of transmission of diseases but it’s saliva causes itching & infection

Protection Method

  • Curtains , Bedsheets , Lines etc to be washed with water @ not less than 600 degree Celcius
  • A recommended pesticide to be used as per infestation observed. If required services at an interval of 2 weeks to be rendered upto 2 – 3 months
  • Its extremely difficult to achieve 100% elimination
  • Cut/Cracks to be treated & filled & closed

Wood Borer Management

  • Life cycle of Wood Borers ranges from 3 months to 3-5 Years
  • Larva stage is most destructive stage as it tunnel through the wood
  • Adult is a good flyer & thus spread infestation

Protection Method

  • Injecting a proper solution into holes
  • Spray on raw wood

Fly Management

  • Flies are not only nuisance but also responsible of transmitting deadly diseases
  • Flies transmit disease pathogen via their vomit feces & contaminated external body parts
  • A female breeds 100 – 300 eggs in her lifetime & can live upto 15 days to 2 months
  • They stay within 1 – 3 Kms from their breeding place

Diseases caused by Flies

  • Typhoid fever
  • Cholera
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Anthrax
  • Polio & Salomonellosis

Protection Method

  • Spraying inside & around the infested property
  • Baiting around the breeding places.
  • Services to be repeated Fortnightly