March 21, 2017

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches are found to be present on earth since 32 Crores years. Cockroaches are found in around 4600 species out of which 30 are associated with human habitats. Cockroaches are Social insects & they make collective decisions. Cockroaches needs 2 primary information such as 1- How dark is it ? & 2- How many other Cockroaches are living around. Cockroach Control Service by Petra Pest Management are aimed to give you relief from these such old creatures.

Cockroaches re generally Omnivorous. Cockroaches can continue to breath even if their head is removed.  Female cockroach carry eggs in a case called ootheca. Development from eggs to Adults takes 3 – 4 months. Cockroaches can live upto an year. A female Cockroach can produce 8 eggs cases in her lifetime. Some species of cockroach can survive upto  a month without food.

Cockroaches are linked with Allergic reactions which are also linked with Asthma.

Cockroach Treatment Method

Gel Application

An odorless baiting in form of Gel is applied in Kitchen & other dry areas. Gel application is very effective & is the convenient & lasting method to get rid of Cockroaches. It also prevent from emptying the Kitchen in maximum cases & so make it liked by many home makers. Gel is applied in the hidden places so that it does have the access , specially to children.

Cockroaches eats the gel bait &  transmits it to it’s group mates , which makes the colony finishes faster.

Residual Spray

Pest Control in NoidaResidual spray is poured around the skirting , drains & other vulnerable areas like Shaft , beneath the sink & sewer main holes etc. It last upto 3 months & kills cockroaches traveling to different parts of the house. Our spray material has got the flushing effects & so it brings out all hiding cockroaches. It kills them all instantly stopping further reproduction.

Our Cockroach Control Service comes with applicable service warranty & also offered with Annual Maintenance Contracts. We have thousands of example where a single service has worked for years.

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