March 22, 2017

Termite Control Service

Termite Control in Noida

Termite Control Service

Termites are known to be present on earth since the time of Dinosaurs. A Termite colony consist of Millions of Soldiers & Workers. They all are in search of lots of Foods & the journey end finding your wooden articles. Wooden Articles ( Consisting Cellulose) is their primary food & they work 24 hours for years to get food collected. Termite Control Service offered by Petra Pest Management comes with host of features like Odorless , Long lasting with applicable service warranties.

The Royal chamber primarily owned by Queen Termite is the center of the colony. The queen termite’s life is around 25 years. Queen is capable of producing upto 40000 eggs per day !!!!!

Here’s is answers of couple of commonly asked questions

Q:- Where does these Termites come from

Termites lives in their large colonies down the ground level. Consisting of large numbers of Workers , Soldiers & The Queen Termite & King. These are white colored body owners with light mustard colored head.  They feed upon the wooden articles of your house & they do it silently. They keep travelling to your house to their colony continuously.

Q:- How do I identify if my house is attacked by Termites

Be Vigilant. Keep checking surroundings of your wooden articles regularly. A little sign of Soil ( specially in shape of a Tube) is their commonly seen identification.  These tubes are also visible around the walls or on the roof side. Changed wood’s shape may also be sign of termite attack. Don’t ignore these signs. Educate your family also about these signs as many a times our family members removes these tubes & assumes that Termite would go away. But this alerts termites & they start eating your woods in hidden areas.

Q:- What should I do if I notice the Termite signs in my house

Termite’s treatment is a very specialized one & thus requires expertise to fix it. Do it Yourself theory doesn’t work here. So call a Pest control agency immediately for a survey & ask for the feedback. Remember:- Ignoring Termite is just like ignoring Cancer at Stage 1.

Q:- Should I get the Termite Treatment done even if my property is not attacked by Termites

If Termites are not there today , they will definitely be tomorrow !!!! Termites are continuously expanding their base @ 40000 eggs per day per colony & each new colony expands at the same speed. Also check if Termite’s attack is noticed in surrounding properties.

There’s a common saying that ” Prevention is better than Cure” so whether Termites are there or not one must get the property treated with standard Anti Termite treatment.

Q:- If I have Termites only in my Kitchen or at any single place in my house , should I get only that area treated or the whole property is to be treated

Termites are very sensitive towards the threats produced to them. Whenever they feel any area not suitable to them, they shift immediately from that danger area. They move towards nearest possible safe place.

So if you get only the affected area treated & leave the un attacked area un treated  they may shift towards the not treated area & would start damaging the wood in that area. hence it’s strongly recommended to get the whole property treated for a complete treatment.

Q:- I am constructing a new house on a plot, Which Termite Control Service is recommended
There are 2 options are available for properties under construction
  1. Pre Construction Soil Treatment

  2. Termite Reticulation System ( New Age Piping Technology) – Strongly Recommended

Pre Construction Soil Treatment
  • Done in detail at the time of construction
  • Top & Bottom surface of soil is treated thoroughly with plenty amount of Anti termite emulsion
  • Recommended Method – BIS Code 6313
  • Long Term Results( Upto 5 Years)
  • Post erosion of chemical , Post Construction method mentioned above to be followed
  • Post Construction method to be done at an interval of 2-3 years
Termite Reticulation System ( New Age Piping Technology)
  • New Age Technology used in all leading countries
  • High quality Porous pipes are laid at top surface of the soil beneath the Floor(PCC)
  • All pipes are interconnected & brought to a junction box placed at a wall outside
  • All future treatments are done by refilling via the pipe network
  • Freedom from Post Construction treatment as it might not require Drilling procedure
  • No need to empty the wardrobes , Kitchen Cabinets & no other hassles
  • Every treatment is a Soil Treatment
  • Refiling is much cheaper than Post Construction treatment on each floor
  • Required only at Ground Floor / Lower Ground Floor
  • Long lasting Durable pipes are used

Termite Control Service by Petra Pest Management comes with host of features like odorless , Long lasting effect with applicable service warranty.

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